Drama & Dance Club


      "Abhinaya, the art of expression, means leading an audience towards the experience (bhava) of a sentiment (rasa). A principal division - Natyadharmi Abhinaya and Lokadharmi Abhinaya. Natyadharmi Abhinaya is poetic and stylistic in nature, following a codified manner of presenting emotion and expression which pertains to the conventions of the stage, which appear to have greater 'artistry' by virtue of taking something from natural life and rendering it in a suitably stylised way. Whereas, Lokadharmi Abhinaya is realistic and un-stylised, involving very natural expression and movement, as occurs in daily life. Often this is more difficult as the possibilities for interpretation of an emotion or a line of poetry are endless."

- Bharata Muni, Natya Shastra (200 BCE).

       The contemporary dance and acting are the modern forms of Natyadharmi Abhinaya and Lokadharmi Abhinaya respectively. These extreme forms of creativity not only improve the physical fitness but also enhance the mental and intellectual growth of a student. These extra-curricular activities help to build their moral character and make learning easier by relaxing their minds.  

      Ghani Khan Choudhury Institute of Engineering and Technology (GKCIET), Malda has started this Drama & Dance Club with Dr. Soumi Bhattacharyya (Assistant Professor) as Convener and would welcome all interested students and staffs to enroll as its members. We would like our Drama & Dance Club members to perform in cultural programmes and also to participate in intra-college and inter-college competitions and would encourage in all possible ways.

Domains to be explored:

  • All the forms of acting: play, drama, dance-drama, opera, mime etc.
  • All the forms of classical and contemporary dances.


  • To encourage thinking
  • To enhance the physical and mental fitness of a learner
  • To make learning easier by relaxing the mind
  • To encourage creation
  • To improve coordination in team work



Contact Details


Dr. Soumi Bhattacharyya

email: soumi@gkciet.ac.in