Elocution and Debate Club

Elocution is the way or the manner of speaking — it is the skill of delivering the clear and expressive speech.

Elocution focuses on grammar, style of speaking, tone, proper use of gestures, stand and dress.  It is an art that can help you to stand out in the crowd and draw attention.  Good elocutionists focus on their gestures, vocabulary, emphasis, voice modulation, oratory skill, diction, accent and posture to increase the effectiveness of the speech to describe the topics.

In an Elocution Competition, participants speak about the same topic and the best will be selected as the winners of the competition.

Debate is a process that involves formal discussion on a particular topic. In a debate, opposing arguments are put forward to argue for opposing viewpoints. A debate competition often involves a moderator and an audience in addition to the debate participants.

Through these activities, students are expected to:

  •  cultivate their communication skills, by analysing and composing views and arguments, conversing, disagreeing and resolving conflicts;
  • learn to collaborate, working in groups, sharing information and ideas;
  • cultivate reasoning skills and scientific thinking;
  • imbibe leadership and oratory skills and prepare them to become future community leaders.


Ghani Khan Choudhury Institute of Engineering and Technology (GKCIET), Malda has started an Elocution and Debate Club with Dr. Koushik Paul (Associate Professor & HOD, Civil Engineering Department; email: koushik@gkciet.ac.in) as the Convener and would welcome all interested students to enroll as its members. We would like our Elocution and Debate Club members to participate in intra- and inter-college competitions and would encourage them in all possible ways.