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About the Laboratory

Control Engineering is of significant interest in most areas of industry - new and established. Control System applications are assuming an increasingly important role in the developing world, making it crucial for the students to be exposed to contemporary control system equipment in a realistic manner, in order to connect theoretical material taught in lecture courses with the realities of physical hardware and simulation through ‘higher-level’ technical computing language. To achieve the goal, Control Systems laboratory has been set up  in Department of Electrical Engineering to provide this realistic environment. This laboratory provides university-level students with a test bed to learn and practice fundamental concepts of control systems. The structure of the laboratory, present equipment and features, and the type of experiments students conduct along with a brief experiments list.  

This lab used for Diploma and B.Tech Courses in following Semester.


5th Semester: CONTROL SYSTEMS LAB     Code: EE593

6th Semester: CONTROL SYSTEMS LAB -II     Code: EE693

No of Equipments:2

1. Matlab Software- Multi User

2. Desktop Computer- 30 PC

Laboratory In-Charge

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Laboratory Assistant

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1 Md Mehbub Alam