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The Electrical Machine laboratory is well equipped and covering the practical work for Diploma and B.Tech courses. Different types of AC machines and DC machines cut view models are available which makes clear sense to understand and realize the machine subject for students.

No of Equipments:11

List of Experiment setup:

1.Study of characteristics of DC compound Motor.

2.Study of characteristics of DC compound Generator.

3. Speed control of DC Motor.

4. Study of equivalent circuits of a 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor.

5. Study of the performance of wound rotor induction motor under load.

6. Determination of equivalent circuits parameter of a single-phase induction motor.

7. Load test of single phase induction motor & deriving its performance characteristics.

8. ZPF test & Potier reactance determination of Synchronous Alternator.

9. Open circuit & Short circuit test of single-phase transformer.

10. Polarity test of single-phase transformer.

11. DOL & Autotransformer starter for 3 phase induction motor starting

Laboratory In-Charge

# Name
1 Goutam Kumar Ghorai

Laboratory Assistant

# Name
1 Sankar Mukherjee