GKCIET Library was established along-with the Establishment of the Institute in 2010 in order to meet the academic and research needs of the Teachers, Research scholars and the students.
The Institute Library provides books, journals as well as current information on various topics to fulfil the need of the institute communities. Since inception of the Institute, the library has been serving the various components of the institute’s community viz. teachers, research scholars, students, officers and staff towards the fulfilment of their objectives.
GKCIET Library is the only library in North Bengal region under CFTI, which facilitates research and higher learning by providing books, journals and other documents to the teachers, research scholars and students.

  • GKCIET Library has built up a rich collection on various branches of Engineering, Science, Arts, and Management
  • Library LAN has become a part of campus wide Network, which has made it possible for the academic community of various departments to access information from their adobe.

There is a Library Advisory Committee constituted by the Director (Head of the institute) of GKCIET in 2017 to regulate Policy, Planning, Process and all the developmental activities of the library. It renders instructions regarding management of funds set apart for the functioning of the Institute Library system. At present an Asst. Professor is he Chairman of the Library Advisory Committee and the Asst. Librarian of the institute is Member Secretary.

Library at a glance

Year of Establishment



Library Hours


9a.m - 5.30 p.m.

Library open


Monday - Friday (5 days except holidays)

Total Collection as on (20.01.2020)


Number of titles 1300, And Volumes 9000

Carpet Area (with Annex)


5000 sq. ft. (New space of 900 sqm.  under construction for library which will be completed soon)

Number of  Staff (Existing)





01 (Including officer/Asst. Librarian)




Library Access


Open Access & Closed Access

Library Security system


Manual Security & CCTV systems

Institutional Membership



Status of Automation


semi Automated

Library Software



Library Web Portal(local)







Library services available          

  • Bibliographic Service
  • Reference Service
  • Information Service
  • Reprographic Facilities
  • Internet Facilities
  • Online access to selected journal
  • Database searching Facilities
  • Study and Research Support Service
  • Information Hub for students, Teachers & Research Scholars
  • Journals of National and International repute
  • Provision for accessing the Rare Books
  • Lending facilities for books
  • After processing the documents are being sent regularly to seminar Libraries as required
  • Display of information regarding arrival of books and journals
  • Career Guidance Service
  • Resource Sharing/Inter Library Loan
  • Reading facilities to Students and Teachers
  • User Orientation
  • Facilities for other Colleges & Research Organizations
  • Plagiarism checking up of Theses/ Dissertations /Articles
  • Journal Contents Service

Office of the Library Section

Name: Dr. Uttam Kumar Ghosh


Designation: Assistant Librarian

Contact Details


Ph: +91-7866931528

Staff Details



Email Address

      Pampa Pramanik(Roy)


     Sukumar Prasad