Mechanical Engineering

Research Activity

Both teachers and students of this department are actively involved in research and publishing of their works in reputed journals, conferences, workshops, seminars etc. The following are the major research area carried out by the departmental faculty and students.  

·       Composite Materials, Manufacturing Processes, Non-Conventional Machining

·       Engineering Materials

·       Design & Robotics

·       Casting

·       Study and Modeling of Transport Phenomena in Manufacturing & Material Processing

·       Study and Modeling of Advance Manufacturing Process/Semisolid Processing

·       Development of Energy Efficient Buildings (Green Buildings)

·       Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Heat Transfer

·       Applications in Thermo-Fluid Engineering

·       Renewable Energy, IC Engine, Gaseous Fuel Combustion and Emission

·       Fluid Power & Control, Aerodynamics Hydraulic Power System, Bio-mechanics